Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Experiment.

Hello! My name is Nicole, and I am going to try an experiment. I am writing this bio on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008. I have been writing reviews of things for a long time now, since about 2001. The reviews have been for movies, books, and concerts. But then I thought about it, and I got into reviewing other things unofficially - like people, bars, even the interblag. I have also watched so many movies that I've reached what I like to call Pedant Level - that place where a person starts throwing out director's names and comparing obscure movies to other equally obscure movies, much to the eye-rolling disgust of the people around them. So, I am going to use this blog as a sort of column. In it, I will review everything - movies, television shows, books, albums, celebrity personalities, friends, acquaintances, enemies (if I'm feeling like giving into the schadenfreude), internet phenomenon, local places of food and drink, toothpaste, knitting patterns, appliances, recipes, video games, computer parts and programs, events, cat litter, the us postal service, socks, professors, Gina's cats - whatever I feel like talking about, I'm going to try to write a review of it, whether or not I am qualified to do so (almost certainly not). I'm going to try to write 1 a day, making each one about 500 words or so. Part of the reason for this is that I finally reached my goal of movie-watching in a year - last year my goal was 180 and I surpassed 200 (with 232 movies viewed, whoa!). I'm going to start easy and try reviewing the movies and shows I've watched so far this year and possibly even the books I've read. I promise I will try to do this every day, and also promise that I will pretend that I get paid for it and that people actually read it.

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