Thursday, November 4, 2010


highlights of the busy-ness:

-finished up disney sing it: party hits and wrote my review;
-had a fun time tuesday night at a friend's birthday celebration at fox & hound, where i think i may have joined my first ever book club;
-went to the game devs meeting last night and celebrated good news all around;
-am nearly done with god of war: ghost of sparta already (!!!);
-signed up for nano but haven't even written word one - haven't even narrowed down my topic yet, though i do have several;
-celebrated our two-year anniversary yesterday with mike by having a nice lunch at ajia, which will be followed up tomorrow with dinner and a movie. :)

i really need to read the library books i took out ages ago and just keep renewing, and also i must get to all the things i've pre-ordered, which include video games, movies, and books. i am bad at keeping up with everything!

also, did i mention mike and i started watching 30 rock? like we needed another addiction...

ok, time to go to work! more later. hopefully (really!!) with pictures :)