Monday, April 9, 2012

feel like i'm 16 again

i had a revelation tonight as i was walking to my friend's house to babysit: i feel like i'm 16 again. i play dungeons and dragons regularly; i play video games every single day; i read a lot of sci fi, fantasy, and young adult (and sometimes young adult sci fi and fantasy); i write constantly. these are all things that were staples in my teenage life, and here they are all over again.

before i went out, i was looking around at my apartment, which is constantly cluttered and messy, and i thought to myself, i really need to organize this place and make it into my own living space. i live out of boxes for years at a time and it's starting to get old. i need a place where i can breathe and just be me. perhaps 16-year-old me can come help? because i have a feeling it's going to be a lot of work, fixing this place up.

what else was i doing at 16? i was playing soccer, taking latin, going to antioch for the first time. 17 years later, skeeball will have to replace soccer, japanese will have to replace latin, and board games are my new religion.

it's nearly midnight, and i'm still recovering from PAX East. time to try to get my sleep schedule back on track.