Tuesday, May 8, 2012

moodiness abounds

so last night, i did get some stuff done - cleaned up an interview i'd transcribed and worked on some other stuff. we also watched the latest legend of korra episode. and i played some disgaea. i've also been reading the comic invincible, which i really love, and i've started re-reading the kurosagi corpse delivery service. it was the first manga i'd ever read, and by first, i mean i read the first volume and then never followed up with it. so now i'm re-reading the first and picked up the second one to read when i'm done.

ant and i have been listening to the kinks a lot lately as well. i didn't realize how many songs i knew by them. i picked up some of their albums after seeing the darjeeling limited. ant put one on at my place, and since then, it's been on both of our playlists regularly. i also listened to some violent femmes today - i've had them in my head recently but today was the first time i actively tried to scratch that itch.

today was stressful. my eye is still twitching... it's been twitching for something like 24 hours now. i looked it up on the internet and the most logical thing it said was STRESS. gee, thanks, body, for letting me know i'm stressed out. i didn't realize it. after work i went to therapy and cried a lot. it felt good to cry, but at the same time, i'm just so moody lately. i kept vacillating between "it's the end of the world and i'm a massive loser" and "life is great yay i love everyone!" i mostly just need more sleep, i think.

one of the things i talked about in therapy is how much stuff i have, and how it's a huge psychological burden to me. i've got stuff in my apartment, stuff at my mom's house, and stuff in a storage place. i'm off for a few days coming up, so i'm going to go through all my dvds and sell some locally, and get rid of some of my books, and start going through some of the paperwork and mail i have everywhere. i just need to let things go. i've got weird quirks, attachment issues, and more disorders than i can possibly imagine. it's time to stop letting them control me.

i feel helpless lately. it's time to take some of that power back.

also, i gotta get some work done. if i chip at it slowly, it's far less horrible. i can do it. i think i can, i think i can...

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