Saturday, May 5, 2012

make some noise if you're with me

adam yauch, better know as MCA from the beastie boys, has died. he was 47 years old. when i found out yesterday, i was stunned. i hadn't listened to them in years - ill communication was the last beastie boys album with which i had a true relationship - before a few months ago. anthony started playing their latest album, hot sauce committee part two, and suddenly, i felt like i was 14 again. i felt like the first time i listened to ill communication. i felt like i was back at that sacred lollapalooza when i saw them play. since then, it's been a regular part of my daily playlists.

yauch's death is everywhere. it was all over the internet before i left work. when we were running our errands in the city, local merchants selling wares from tables on street corners were blaring the beastie boys. laying in bed watching tv with the windows open, a local radio station dj played at high volumes from a car announced his death - to those who didn't already know. and, this morning, i asked ant if he wanted to listen to some music. "sure," he said. "put something on." i put on hot sauce committee part two. "i knew you were going to play this," he said. "why wouldn't i?" i replied. "it's in honor of one of our..." i paused, looking for the right word. as i was going to say "favorite musicians," he instead, in that strange way he has of finding the perfect words, said, "fallen heroes."

we're making some noise. 'cause we're with you.

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