Monday, May 14, 2012

i should also mention

i did notice that i missed writing for a week. things have been very busy. i wrote a lot last week - a ludicrous amount, in fact. possibly more than any other time except that week when i took off and wrote something like 25,000 words for a novel i was working on. that's a lot of words.

in a nutshell: did a lot of writing, did a lot of reading, played d&d, watched a lot of true blood, cleaned my apartment, sold some dvds, played zeitgeist, played board games (king of tokyo, pandemic, miskatonic school for girls), played ascension, played video games (prototype, disgaea, borderlands, awesomenauts), had a hard time at therapy (but when don't i these days?), and made my to-do list ever longer with each passing day.

yup, same old, same old. home now getting stuff done... well, hopefully i will get some stuff done. if i don't, i'll end up collapsed on this couch, playing video games all day. or i'll go on a mad search for tin roof sundae ice cream, playtest splice over at cipher prime, and nap a lot.

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