Sunday, May 6, 2012

getting things done

yesterday, we spent the day playing d&d. it was glorious. we have a game in the morning called Zeitgeist that was created by some people over at, and at night, we have a home game. we've all been pretty busy lately, so gaming has been hard to come by. it was nice to have a full day of it. afterwards, ant and i went back to my place and finished up season three of true blood. it ended on so many cliffhangers that i wanted to start watching season four right then and there. those jerks!

i also finished up touch my katamari yesterday, and ant and i played a ton of ascension on my ipad. ironically, it's made us want to get the physical board game even more, because we want to actually play the game out longer, and there's no way to do that in the app - it's got a set number of points.

today, we woke up late, lounged around, i did a lot of cleaning, and i played some borderlands. oh, and i played some more prototype last night before bed. we headed out, stopped at the comic shop to pick some stuff up (ant got some hellboy, i got some DMZ and kurosagi corpse delivery service), then we came back here and watched game of thrones. now we're getting ready to watch the latest episode of the legend of korra, and i'm working on my review of johannes cabal: the fear institute and doing some editing.

i've been a bit stressed out lately because i'm involved in a lot of stuff. i've even cut down some of it and i still feel stressed out. sometimes i feel like i'm just  not organized enough to keep up this breakneck speed of a schedule. i've got some time off coming up, so hopefully i'll be able to get myself together a little better. in the meantime, another work week starts tomorrow. monday always comes so quickly...

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