Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today's t-shirt is Dr. Droidberg from Tee Fury! It was the second daily shirt I got (and the first mashup).

Yesterday, I did some cleaning, ran some errands, then Mike and I went to our friend Chris' place and hung out with him, his brother Ryan, his girlfriend Jess, and his friend Nate. We got a pizza and then went to Rita's for frozen treats! Yum. In between, we talked about books and played a shitload of Pokemon.

We got home late and I played more BioShock 2 and then we read in bed. Mike started A Clash of Kings and I started Johannes Cabal the Detective. We fell asleep late and it was a little rough at work with so little sleep. It's the last week of classes so it's busy!

Tonight we caught up on the latest episode of A Game of Thrones. That show is really well done! But Mike is starting to get why I've been so worried about the show and how they're going to portray certain things. They seem to be pretty good at it, but some of what happens to the characters is so gruesome that I'm kind of afraid to see it! Though I think my imagination might be worse... it was with the golden crown scene.

Other than that, we played some video games and chilled out. Tomorrow is another busy day. At least another three-day weekend is coming up for me - my cousin Erin is getting married Friday! So that should be a blast.

More tomorrow. Oyasumi-nasai!
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