Wednesday, May 25, 2011

good intentions something something

so the last few days have been really busy, in and out of work. monday after work i washed a huge pile of dishes and did a major run at the grocery store. yesterday after work i stopped at kmart to buy a giant thingy of cat litter and then came home to do laundry. at least, that was my plan...

laundry is sort of a !ZEN experience for me. i don't put any of my clothes in the dryer - only my towels and sheets. everything else gets hung up around my apartment, mainly because i hate failing elastic, faded and cracked t-shirts, and when anything shrinks. i haven't washed any of my clothes in a LONG time (yes, i have about 2 months' worth of socks and underwear), so i did a load of that stuff first. then i brought down my sheets and towels. i had a few minutes left on the cycle, so i turned to the dryer to empty the lint tray, only to see that the lint tray was filled to the brim with water.

it's rare that i gasp out loud, but i did when i saw that.

i brought my stuff back upstairs and pondered calling the laundry company, but instead waited and told one of the neighbors when i was outside waiting for chris, the newest writer over at warp zoned, who was stopping by to pick up a game to review. by that time i'd eaten and played some l.a. noire, and when he said he was close, i went out on the stoop and played some more disgaea (which is devouring any free moments i might have). i lent him brink, which i hope doesn't make him want to jump off a roof, and then went back inside and played more l.a. noire all night, until i crawled into bed with more disgaea and passed out.

today, it's more errands after work - i have to pick up my contacts (which i should have done yesterday but didn't get there in time) and make it home in time for the UPS delivery, which is bringing a new pair of shoes, woo! hopefully i can also finish up l.a. noire tonight so i can get that review written. spoiler alert: i love that game.

i also bought two w00t shirts yesterday. writing the daily scoop is making me go broke! i need to start posting daily t-shirt pics again, as daily shirt sites, video game companies, twitter contests, and expos have made my amazing t-shirt collection grow into something completely unstoppable with a mind all its own.

ok, time to get ready for work. more later - hopefully with pictures, and a detailed account of why people need to stop planning everything in the universe on wednesdays after work.

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