Monday, May 30, 2011

relaxing 3-day weekend

thursday night was our first official girl geek dinner happy hour, and it was a smashing success. we met up with some ladies (and one guy - mike g!) at philadelphia bar and restaurant and discussed the scene as it stands in philadelphia for women of the geek persuasion. the food was delicious, the conversation was excellent, and it was just an all-around good time. i'm looking forward to more happy hours as well as our next quarterly event!

friday was a busy day at work, as the week of writing came to a close and everyone was running around for the writing awards. after work, i met up with mike at his place and we headed over to my place and then did A LOT of food shopping, after which he cooked us a feast. we watched some more 24 - we're in season 7 now - and i wrapped up l.a. noire while mike read more of a game of thrones. my final moments with l.a. noire were tearful ones - it's a beautifully crafted game, and has so many outstanding features. my review should be up at warp zoned sometime this week - maybe even today.

saturday and sunday were both spent largely lounging around. mike was completely obsessed with - and finished reading - a game of thrones, and today started a clash of kings. i wrote my l.a. noire review and some other stuff for warp zoned, finished reading the rise of endymion, played tons more disgaea: afternoon of darkness, and started bioshock 2. today i also did some cleaning up, moved some stuff around the apartment and threw away some things, unpacked from PAX East (finally!!), and now we're going to run some errands and then head to our friend chris' place. i really want to bake but it is waaayyyy too hot outside to do that, and i've been fighting turning the air conditioning on...though it looks like i'm going to lose that battle soon. as it is, i'm already wearing shorts (nooooo!).

so...yeah. we didn't quite make it down the shore for a few reasons - we were actually supposed to spend most of the weekend down there, but plans fell through with mike's family and with mine, so we just stayed here. i'm glad, because i had so much to do...and still didn't even do half of it. i'd like to get some laundry done, and do some more writing, and...well...unpack from PAX Prime. yeah, i still haven't unpacked from the trip we took to seattle in september. i got so much free stuff that i still have an entire suitcase full of it. PAX East was just clothes i hadn't unpacked freebies are in another, much smaller bag, because there weren't many to be had. but i think i got roughly 26 shirts at PAX Prime. oi vey!

anyway, time to get dressed and head out. and don't worry, i haven't forgotten about my "t-shirt a day" idea...i think i might start it on june 1st, considering i spent practically this entire weekend lounging around in a pink robe covered in turtles. probably not something that can be considered a daily t-shirt. :D

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