Sunday, May 22, 2011

beyond busy

my life has been beyond busy these last few months. i was one of the co-organizers of gameloop philly, an unconference for local video game developers. we had it yesterday, and it was a smashing success! afterwards, everyone got just plain smashed at national mechanics during the after party, and i've been paying for it all day. i've also been cleaning, throwing things out, playing l.a. noire, and writing my recap of the event (which will be up later this week on geekadelphia).

writing-wise, i'm still writing and editing at warp zoned, and i've got a new column up at press 1. i'm also putting a lot of serious thought into writing that book i've been saying i would write since i was in first grade. i think with a little time management, i'll be able to actually do it.

i haven't been in school the last two terms, but i'm registered for one class next term. i haven't been watching many movies - or, really, any at all - but i have been reading (almost done the hyperion series) and playing a lot of video games. i've started dexter again from the beginning as well, and i'm almost done with all of 24. i've also started to get back into anime again, whenever i have some free time. and i want to get pierced again, and get another tattoo.

so much going on...tomorrow i'll put up links to everything, but right now i'm tired and i want to get in one more case before i go to bed.

goal tomorrow:
-more information

for now, sleuthing and sleep.

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