Sunday, October 9, 2011


when i take a hiatus, i take a serious hiatus. the whole point of a blog is to keep it updated, but i can't seem to keep up with it. i've been intensely busy lately with...

  • warp zoned
  • press one
  • geekadelphia
  • girl geek dinners
  • games in philly
  • the book club that doesn't suck
  • the video game club (that also doesn't suck, but we have no name for it yet)
  • two more clubs (one book club, which has me reading the girl with the dragon tattoo, and another club which has me primarily catching up on "breaking bad")
  • playing a lot of dungeons & dragons and board games
  • a blood bowl league (currently in pre-season)
  • work
  • doctor visits
  • writing a novel
  • getting a book of poetry together to get published
  • preparing for halloween
  • spending time with my amazing boyfriend

there's so, so much more than that, but that's all that has been taking up most of my time. therapy has also been going really well, and i've been working through things i never thought i'd untangle. i've been reading a lot and playing a lot of games and writing a ton and watching a lot of movies and shows and spending a lot of time with anthony, is what it all boils down to.

more later, but for now, my favorite photo of the two of us:


holly said...

this is sort of a comment on a few things from a few different posts but it seemed easier to put them all together here.

is this your poetry? i want this alleged book when it's all put together.

also, i enjoyed the steig larsson books. i love lisbeth. your thoughts? i have too many books to read now, but would you recommend the yiddish policeman's whatchamacallit then? i've noticed that book before but never picked it up. sum up why i should read it in five words. or don't.

finally, i envy you and the beau staying up watching tv. john falls asleep very easily and early. like an old man.

the nicole kline experience said...

it is my poetry! i would be glad to let you know if/when it gets published :D it's slow going...

i can't wait to start reading the larsson books! i have the first one here now. i think you should read amazing adventures of kavalier and clay before you read yiddish policeman's union. that one is my personal fav by chabon!

we do often stay up to watch tv, but i fall asleep sometimes, and then when i wake up, i - like john - wake up at 2 am and can't sleep. it's lame!